Make a Date With Baby

Visit our comfortable, family friendly home studio for your bonding experience.

We have spacious seating for up to five guests but don’t mind if additional people squeeze in or make themselves comfortable of the carpet to see the 50 inch viewing screen.  Due to forever changing covid restrictions please check in with us for groups larger than 8 people.

Gender Reveal Requests

We provide expectant mums and dads the chance to discover baby’s gender from 14 weeks by ultrasound and 7 weeks by early DNA gender blood testing. Come in for an ultrasound and find out baby’s gender on the spot, get given a secret envelope containing baby’s gender or purchase a gender reveal product from our store allowing baby’s gender to remain unknown till the reveal. For those opting for the DNA gender testing, gender results are emailed to your chosen email address in 5-7 business days. 

Ultrasound Packages