Hi There! My name is Odette and I have been in the medical industry for over 20 years.  I’m a qualified sonographer, going on 12 years now and still love every second of scanning whether its at radiology or at Baby Bump Ultrasound. 

I am a mom of two beautiful crazy kids (Zander and Anya) who keep me on my toes. I started Baby Bump Ultrasound to share with others the joy and reassurance that ultrasound has brought to my life and to me personally throughout my two pregnancies. 

I understand that every pregnancy journey is unique and am honored when we are chosen to share a glimpse into your lives.





I’m Victoria and I’ve been a sonographer at various radiology practices throughout Queensland for 3 years now, and I’ve always had a soft spot for pregnancy ultrasound. Every baby is unique and being able to share the experience of seeing baby through ultrasound with expecting parents and their families is an amazing part of what we do. Reassurance in hearing baby’s heart beat, watching their facial expressions for the first time in 3D/4D/5D, and revealing baby’s gender is what makes me love my job!